Millward Brown revealed the Top 100 most valuable global brands of 2010 today. What has changed compared to the last year?

Ups and downs

Here is a gist of the most significant indicators in regard to brand value. All are compared to the year 2009.

  • Brand value of financial institutions is recovering after the economic recession – up 12%
  • Technology is up 6%
  • Cars are down 15% despite desperate efforts and spending to stop this decline


Stable TOP 5

The cream of the crop are the technology companies Google, IBM and Microsoft. They are staying continuously on the top of the ranking for the third year in a row (except IBM, which was on the 6th place in 2008). Google achieves this with extraordinary user experience it provides to its customers, while IBM relies on coming closer to the desired market segment and shaving off all unnecessary divisions.

The rise of Asian brands

The Chinese search engine Baidu has made it to the top 10 technology brands and also got recognised as the brand with the greatest momentum. An Indian bank ICICI, a newcomer to the TOP 10 brands, managed to re-brand itself from a corporate bank into an institution trusted by the Indian youth. That has built up massive trust between its customers and the business and caused its smashing success.

B2B is getting more important

Many criticised IBM’s decision to shed the consumer products division and sell it to Lenovo. In the long run, we can see that it left a positive impact on the brand. It has strengthened its position and reinforced the ability to connect with the target market.

Interesting nuts and bolts

  • Google is the only brand that has a value exceeding $ 1 billion
  • Adapting your brands to fit into the BRIC countries will give you a competitive edge

Disclaimer: I do not own the report or its parts. All credit goes to Millward Brown Optimor and the awesome people who helped to create it. I am posting it here only because I want to share it.