It’s good to have goals. It’s good to have objectives. But it’s absolutely essential to have dreams. When you dream, dream BIG dreams. That’s what I’m doing – I’m dreaming big time. Yes, this is going to be an article falling into the category of “bucket list” posts. Without further ado, here we go.

TOP 3 things to do before I turn 25

  1. Enroll into and successfully finish MA studies.
  2. Do PR and marketing on the side of the client.
  3. Create a memorable marketing campaign.

Long-term planning

  • Find a marcomms-related job outside of the Czech Republic
  • Profile myself in financial services industry, should I stay in CZ
  • Leave CZ for a while to gain experience in PR and marketing communications somewhere else

motivation_post_itDo you ever wonder why people fill the Internet with this crap? All right, since you made it through the post all the way here, you deserve an explanation.

It’s all about public commitment – stating your goals publicly will help you to achieve them. Given that more people know about them and might hold you accountable for achieving them, you will work harder and focus more attentively. The trick works even if the people you tell this to are hidden behind computer screens and thousands of miles away from you. Ruining your public image by seeming inconsistent is a good enough incentive to work very hard and achieve the set of goals you have had created.

Thus, the reason why people post these things is to motivate themselves. The very thought that someone could in the future hold you accountable does the trick.

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