Much like last year, I was looking forward to attending Marketing Festival in Brno. It was pretty difficult to top the last year, when Avinash came to Brno, but Jindra’s team did it. Feel free to dive in to some notes I made along the way.

Oli Gardner: Frankenpage


  • Data and design can hardly exist without one another
  • Don’t link the logo to your homepage, because users would leave
  • Run a 5 second test – show the site to the focus group, and ask them about its content
  • Remove all the links down to 1, if you can
  • Flip your headlines – reverse the order of your head and subhead. Use and create 5 seconds tests
  • Difference in conversions when having 4 or 7 form fields is minuscule, so take advantage of that – ask your customers for more info that can help you to know them better
  • Inline labels are bad – make it impossible for users to check their work
  • If a call to action is on the top, users never scroll; if the CTA is on the bottom, nearly everyone scrolls
  • If you must use a carousel,  heatmap test it, then get rid of superfluous options
  • Place tech experts and people from our tribe in your videos; stay away from CEOs and government – they are not credible to the outsiders
  • People read captions on your videos, so take advantage of it
  • Ghost buttons suck – 600% increase in clicking on things that aren’t clickable
  • Download this:

Aleyda Solis: Conquering International Search Markets


  • Do your research, hire native speakers for international SEO
  • Use SEMrush, Sistrix, SearchMetrics and of course ROI Calculator
  • Always start with the data you already have from other countries in your GA
  • Are you targeting countries or languages? Target languages when there isn’t enough of traffic and conversion potential
  • Best way to localise is to use ccTLDs, but since they are separate entities, you will be starting with a clean slate
  • Subdirectories are a good idea – you can geo-localise them using Google Search Console
  • Validate your hypotheses, then start localising content, only then move to code
  • Implement <href lang> tags into <head> of the page
  • If you can’t touch the HTML, tell search engines about your site’s language versions using this tool
  • Pop-up overlays in wrong language version can severely damage user experience
  • Spammy links to one language version can screw up authority of the whole domain

Marty Neumeier: The Brand Flip


  • Brand is what the customers say it is
  • Customers have to get the idea of what you’re about on their own
  • Customers buy products to reinforce their identity. They love to buy, but hate being sold
  • Brand tribes last longer than customers
  • See greatness in people – businesses nowadays often target weakness, naivete or addiction. Don’t do that, go for empowerment
  • Seek the greatest good for your customers. What’s going to help them to fulfill their aspirations?
  • Being more beats having more. Customers ask themselves “If I buy this product, what does that make me?”
  • In 1985, only 17% of the world’s revenues came from immaterial products (services, intangibles, brands); in 2015, it is 80%
  • In many categories 10% of the most loyal customers generates about 50% of revenues
  • 50% of customers would pay a 25% premium before switching brands
  • Make your customers climb a branding ladder: satisfaction (they are happy with us), delight, engagement, empowerment (can’t live without us, would hate to see us die)
  • Customers like to tell stories, so brands should provide an outline, and let the customers fill in the blanks

Daniel Gilbert: How to build your own automated bidding system in less than 6 weeks


  • Adjust mobile bids hourly
  • Find out what’s the demand curve in your call centre and adjust bids accordingly
  • Adjust bids based on weather – use data from OpenWeatherMap
  • Adjust bids for location and time – the same keyword isn’t worth the same price in Prague at 17:00 and in Brno at 05:00
  • Test bid management logic for your business, don’t look for the best bid management tool
  • These scripts will work on accounts with loads of conversion data – not entirely great for SMEs
  • Don’t cap the campaign by daily budget limit; if you must cap, set lower bid
  • Whenever you are writing a script, don’t forget about checking mechanisms, so it doesn’t fly out of the hinges
  • Use custom audiences and remarketing either for ROI boost or to exclude people from your audience (bigger savings)

Dan Petrovic: Advanced SEO Process


  • Many people skip content and skim
  • Google uses CTR as a quality signal
  • Don’t mass produce content – your new content has to be at least ten times better than the first result in Google
  • Please the skimmers and long form people by using the inverted pyramid
  • Look into Hypotext – a tool that hides content into contextual help-like form
  • Content that gets hidden doesn’t get indexed – even scrapers can outrank you
  • Make sure only the important pages are getting the links – maybe run a contest under a hash (

Bjoern Sjut: Highend CRM with low cost tools


  • What’s high-end CRM? Personalised, useful, engaging, measurable
  • Relevance is the name of the game in mailing and keeping good relationships with the customers
  • Creative ideas for mailing:
    • Leverage emojis in subject line (most successful: smiling face, hearts for eyes, heart)
    • Use animated .GIFs
    • Leverage scrolling by having a good creative
  • Send behaviour-based emails: capture activitiy -> trigger email template -> measure impact
  • Trigger emails based on data combinations of demographics, values, lifestyle and product purchasing cycle (razor blades have a lifecycle of, say, 2 months, so after 1.9 month, you send the customer a reminder to shop for another batch)
  • Implement MailChimp Goal into GTM – if a visitor does X, the tag fires, MailChimp sends out an email based on user behaviour
  • You can incentivise users to subscribe for push notifications to their browser

That’s not all – check out the second day of lectures!