After meeting a couple of high-placed in-house Marcomm practitioners, having been exposed to corporate environment for a year and reading a whole lot of Dilbert strips, I have decided to put together a process of transformation to a good member of the corporate society. There is not much of ranting involved. Should the tone surprise you, it is because it’s devoid of fancy words and the verbal candy wrap.

  1. Before you get into a corporation, make sure you know what your profession is about. If you want to do marketing, get some experience in an agency or in some internships. Chances are you are going to like the relationships and the scope of work at the beginning.
  2. As time goes by, you will start feeling that you are not really influencing the brand and so much more could be done from the inside. So you switch sides. Welcome to the Acme, Inc.!
  3. Your first observation will be that the relationships suck in comparison to your previous place of employment. It will be a well-founded one. Due to having a lot of money in the marketing budget, people in corporations are often vying for power and control.
  4. Thanks to the point three, you will not get enough of power to make a difference to your brand. Feelings of desperation ensue.
  5. Then you fail. Early or late, fast or slow – it doesn’t matter, but you will fail multiple times.
  6. Failure will prompt you to start building relationships with the “right” people. If you manage to stay put for two to three years, you are safe.
  7. Here is a truly diabolical part of functioning in a corporation. You start doing work that will please your bosses. That doesn’t mean it is going to be good work. Due to good relationships with them, you won’t care, but you will be safe.
  8. Evolution complete!


It’s a perhaps way too one-sided take on the corporate side of marketing, but the facts remain. Never get too much comfortable however tempting it is.

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