#MKTFEST15 Day 2: Larry Kim Emphasises Paid Social

Welcome to the second part of the Marketing Festival 2015 report. Before I forget, Jindra and his team are launching a specialised conference called PPC Tribe next year in London. If you want to get more information about doing PPC, that’s the event to attend!...

#MKTFEST15 Day 1: Frankenpages & Brand Flips

Much like last year, I was looking forward to attending Marketing Festival in Brno. It was pretty difficult to top the last year, when Avinash came to Brno, but Jindra’s team did it. Feel free to dive in to some notes I made along the way. Oli Gardner:...

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

Content. Definitely content. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. But what if you are a writer who’s got his or her craft down and struggles with modern technology? Here are some things you should do to deliver a better experience for the users as well as for search engines.

Do Not Pursue The Taste Of Good Food

Do Not Pursue The Taste Of Good Food

One week before his death, Shinmen Musashi No Kami Fujiwara No Genshin (Miyamoto Musashi) formulated principles according to which he lived his entire life. How many of them do you think would be applicable to online marketing today in the Western society?