Meet The Future Entrepreneurs

As I have mentioned a couple of months ago, 2011 is a year of the first Start-up Seminar being launched at UNYP. The organisational team has selected three highly motivated individuals to work with. Who are they and why have they joined this seminar? Let’s look at them one by one.


Petar Buha

In summation: As a person never satisfied with the “normal” and the “usual”, Petar has always wanted to be the best. Having culturally diverse upbringing and drive, he makes ideas come to fruition.

Achievements thus far: Participated in an NGO focused on suppressing aggressive conflict and protection of human rights. Petar had several internships while studying.

Aspirations and aims: Petar wants to make the most of his talents and learn crucial things one can never learn in school. His particular focus is on learning how to monetize ideas and turn them into successful business ventures.


Jana Klucká

In summation: Jana is a fresh young mind possessing international experience, having lived in five different countries, and being fluent in four languages. She enjoys creative and challenging work to stretch her mind, body, and soul.

Achievements thus far: Organized and coordinated one day during a student conference of 40 participants devoted to EU-Russian cooperation in Brussels for the European Students’ Forum (AEGEE).

Aspirations and aims: To create a meaningful business by helping others to better their lives, while making a positive contribution to the society.


Martin Šlauf

In summation: A third year student of BBA with previous study and work experience from abroad who is interested in the fields of investment, finance and M&A.

Achievements thus far: Developed his leadership and team work skills by professional hockey playing and holds an MSc. in Bio-mechanical Engineering.

Aspirations and aims: Since in the Czech Republic, there is not a huge amount of junior investment positions as in the U.K. or the U.S.A., Martin would like to pursue his entrepreneurial interests in the field of investment banking or corporate finance.


About the author: Honza Felt is neither cute nor funny. To compensate for these tragic flaws, he writes about marketing, analytics and communication, so more gullible people think he is smart if nothing else. Well, at least he’s honest…