All marketers are liars.

  • Tips For Writing External and Internal Publications

    Aside of writing news releases, every PR practitioner has to get his hands on external or internal publishing. Writing magazines, bulletins, newsletters or flyers is not as intuitive as it may seem. For that reason, I have prepared a set of best practices that have been working for me ever since I started writing. There [...]

  • Rory Sutherland: Perspective Is Everything

    Rory Sutherland, a Chairman of Ogilvy Group,  is quite a frequent guest at TED. In this talk, he is focusing on re-framing the way we think about a value. Citing Ludwig von Mises and wondering why accountants don't ask creative people for advice, Rory argues that tinkering with perceived value can improve our lives much [...]

  • Change is Afoot in PR Klub

    A somewhat disconcerting news hit my mailbox today. Cristina Muntean is no longer at the helm of the PR Klub (a Czech association of PR practitioners). She has resigned from her presidential function today, citing personal reasons. The association has not appointed a new leader yet; elections will take place at the end of May. [...]

  • SKYY Vodka: Product Placement Done Right

    Somebody is doing product placement right. And that somebody is SKYY Vodka when it joins with DJ Antoine. Check out the music video and guess why they have done it right. SKYY is a FMCG brand, so they need to sell a lot to make the ends meet and even more to be profitable. The [...]

  • Few Paragraphs of Unadultered Marketing Spite

    "I don't have pet peeves. I have major psychotic fucking hatreds!" said Geroge Carlin in one of his performances. I would add that if you work in PR and marketing, you are bound to have them. No matter whether you work as an in-house specialist or on the agency side. Here are some of mine. [...]

  • Why Do Journalists Hate PR Practitioners?

    Simply put, they hate us because they must. I know this will upset everyone who claims that symbiosis between the journalists and the PROs must be revealed and respected publicly, but I can't help it. I don't mean to slam the media in any way - the journalist is doing his job as a PRO [...]

  • I have a dream…of an agency

    Most PR, marketing, advertising, PPC and other agencies feel the need to put a glossy wrap on their business. Some of them are trying to look more corporate to easily associate with their customers and project their inner strength. Some of them are projecting an anti-corporate image to appeal to corporations by being the cool [...]

  • When Corporate Rats Paddle

    Here is a recepie for a cocktail named "Charity event". Start with a fragile dragon boat and cold river Moldau on a Saturday morning (time when all decent people should be at home suffering from a hangover). Add 16 colleagues across the board from sales top management to marketing who have never sat in a [...]

  • Praise Is Crack and We Are Addicts

    We the marketers, be it the in-house rats or the agency hounds, live for praise. It's our crack, ganja and crystal meth combined. Whenever my boss praises me for well-written texts or a well-executed project, my pulse jumps up to 150 and I feel like I could climb Mount Everest and still make it back [...]

  • Creative Business Development: Sweepstakes

    I generally don't publish press releases but this one caught my eye. You can comment on this post to make me feel less like a commercial sell-out. Here is the edited part taken from the news release. Communications company QuestFore has launched a sweepstakes contest. The agency will award one lucky business $15,000 in internal [...]