5 Posts You Can’t Miss – October 2011

Let’s see what secrets have the brilliant minds of the blogosphere shared about marketing, Public Relations, communication and career development in October.




Google+ became available for Apps users and Jon Mitchell quickly summarised this development in his article. About time, Google, about time. If you’re on Google+, let’s connect!

The last day in October brought an insightful talk by Malcolm Gladwell about Norden bombsight. I am obsessed with Gladwell, his style of writing and his storytelling. This is impossible not to share.

Louise Fletcher started a new series called The Smart Job Search. Throughout the course of ten posts, she will guide you through marketing yourself in order to get a job you enjoy as opposed to getting one just to pay your bills.

Maintaining relationships with bloggers is not easy, but Ben Matthews tells us how to pitch to them right. I am sure you are going to love his example with The Bloggess.

Czech marketing magazine Strategie redesigned its layout. It now looks more like a lifestyle publication. There have been also some substantial staff changes – the old Editor-in-Chief is gone and Miroslav Honsů took his place. You can find more at mediar.cz (in Czech).


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